A simple hello.

I guess you could say that my relationship with writing is certainly on and off. I tend to ignore it for a long time, simply telling my self that I have no ‘inspiration’ to blog. Then suddenly there’s this spark of imagination and I’m frantically attempting to cram a load of ideas on to a blank page, or in this case a blog post.

To me writing is so subjective, I may write something which frankly you may read and deem as shit. Yet to me, it means so much more. It’s kind of just like grammar. I may use a comma where you say there doesn’t need to be one, read it with a pause and if there’s a full stop bluntly mid sentence, then just follow it. That’s the point. Reading tends to tell a story and if you’re reading it the way that you want to, instead of the way the author intends it, then quite frankly you’re on a different page to the rest of us.

This world of blogging is kind of terrifying to me. It’s crazy to think that I can tap away at my keyboard for 15 minutes and publish my opinion into this blank void. But with opinions you have to be careful, everyone is different and you’re more than likely to offend somebody with yours. A friend once said to me “There’s a difference between having an opinion and being opinionated”. To me, this means that if you are force feeding your opinion down somebody’s throat, then you need to stop because that’s not the way to make a change. I don’t mean to sound like a bitch, as I definitely don’t want this blog to be a “I’m a keyboard warrior, watch out internet” style blog… I want it to sound truthful and honest. This blog is where I’m meant to open up about my current life events and things that have happened to me in the past. It’s where I’m meant to tell stories, that if you’re not close to me then you would have never heard. I’m certainly frightened at the fear of somebody potentially judging me based on those stories. But I guess that’s life, you’re never going to be completely comfortable, so just take the risk and quite frankly, shut up.

At the moment this blog is going to be very disjointed and not flow smoothly… I’m just trying to find the voice for it and the voice that I want right now. So please bare with.

If you’ve made it this far and can unhinge the points through my jumble then good.

Thanks for reading,




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